The $10K Market Challenge Mastery Course

Watch this short 12:36 seconds Video & You will Learn:

  • How anyone can learn & apply this powerful $10K Market Challenge fast!
  • Real proof! David shows you how he generated over 38% on his money just last month before              book publication (He did this with a $30,000 small account! April 2022 was one of the worst                    months for the S&P 500... down over 8%!)
  • How you can start with as little as $5,000!
  • No sitting in front of a computer all day! Just check your text messages between 9:45 - 10 AM (ET)          input the order into your mobile app, wait a little bit, and you'll receive your text to exit...                        and YOU ARE DONE!
  • If you are the kind of person who wants to know every little detail, the course takes you             step-by-step through the entire process, David breaks down everything step-by-step:
    • How to open your brokerage account & answer the questions.
    • Step by step on how to quickly get approved to sell option vertical spreads.
    • How to avoid the PDT rule!
    • What David looks for in Premarket opening & tips you off in the market direction.
    • How to use the right support & resistance areas that guide you on where to enter & exit your         trade.
    • How to master pivot points, Fibonacci levels, several key indicators, candlestick                       patterns, delta selection, & time zone triggers (Don't worry it's all broken down so a               5th  grader can understand it!)
    • You'll learn how to set up your charts & your orders for quick execution
    • When to know it's time to exit. The big "Clue" most investors ignores and have "no                 clue" about.
    • David's rules for risk management. (It's just as important to get the "return of your money"           besides the return on your money! Capital preservation is key!
  • You will also learn about "Reversion to the mean", "Standard deviation" & why these are critical to         your entry & exit decisions.
  • You will discover David's secret clues, that the market internals give on what the                           direction will be! (Nobody is teaching this!)
  • You also get David's Premarket research, key support/resistant levels, etc. every trading day! (You           must be a $10K Trade Alert Service Member to receive this!)
  • David dispels all the "Mystery" about "The Greeks" Black-Scholes option pricing model & all         the unnecessary option lingo that everyone else tries to confuse you with! 
  • David covers how to read the Option Chain & select the right trades, set up your orders, set up             defaults for quick execution &           much more!
  • You'll even get David's actual chart setups & what he is watching for during a "live"                       executed order!
  • This course is not for the lazy or weak-minded! If you really want results you have to put in the               work!
  • Every week you will be required to input your trades & your results before our Sunday                 night coaching call. David reviews all the results & will give a "Call out" to those that are               following the $10K strategy rules &  making things happen!
  • Every Sunday night David opens it up to Q&A so you get any question you may have answered!             (How valuable is that kind of access!)

So What are you Waiting for?