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The Golden Goose Breakout

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Trade just one symbol, for less than 30 minutes, & discover how it's really possible to make $3,000, $5,000, even $10,000+ per month! 1

This is the only CPA examined and verified Day Trading System, proven to work for newbies & advanced traders in any market condition!

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This is the only place you can learn The Golden Goose Breakout® System!
See CPA examined report that verifies an incredible 97.93% Win Rate! 2

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Welcome to WallStreetU.com!

Welcome to WallStreetU.com!
Home of The Best Seller
"The 20X Option Strategy" 

What if there really was a way to make 15 - 30% on your money... EVERY MONTH! (Yes! you read that right! Just to be clear, this is a high probability system that generates for David incredible results almost every month! Now, we are NOT talking per year here (annually)... but every single month! I will show you real proof in just a minute!)

How? Using an "insider floor trader's strategy" & selling a certain Option in a very specific way! We teach a very precise & rigorously tested option system that is revealed step-by-step in the new, best selling book & course The Golden Goose Breakout. Now, after testing & backtesting 1,000's of Stocks, ETF's, Indexes & Commodities, only ONE symbol passed the test as the highest yielding and lowest risk combination using this strategy...

The SPX!

What is SPX? You know it by it's more popular street name, the bellwether of all indexes:

The S&P 500

Our Option Strategy expert David J. DiNatale reveals in his new book (and in his Golden Goose Breakout Mastery Course) how he achieves a 94.6% win rate! This allows you to possibly make 10x what the typical investor does in a month! How is this even possible? Because the Golden Goose Breakout rides the momentum of the BIG INSTITUTION'S ORDERS at the opening of the market everyday! David has discovered a repeatable system: This system determines the short term direction of this momentum with a track record of 94.6% accuracy! (When the market occassionally misbehaves, we exit the trade with a small loss, often recovering most, if not all of it on a second reversal trade around 10:10 - 10:20am!)

The best thing about this strategy is we are "in & out" of the market on most days in less than 30 minutes! On many trading days just 10 minutes! Here's an example:

From 9:30 - 9:45am the Big Boys are placing their massive orders. The market is trying to establish an initial "direction" (up or down) fueled by Market Sentiment & the latest economic news.

At 9:45am we mark The High & The Low of this first 15 minutes which, at this point, the market has started to calmed down. We wait for the market to break out either above The High or below The Low of that first 15 minutes period (You'll learn how to determine if the Break Out is real or a "Head Fake". If real, we enter our trade, watch the S&P 500 move 10 - 15 points & then we exit with a 2 - 3% return on our capital! That's a $200 - $300 profit on just $5,000! (Usually within 10 - 30 minutes!) Worse case, we are done by 11am(ET)!

This strategy works great even if you have a full time job, you are retired, a full time trader, or even someone who has never traded before! So you're probably thinking..."Does this really work in real life? It sounds too good to be true!"

Here is Real Proof!

David reveals right here his actual brokerage statement (April, 2022) & even more details in the book. April 2022 was the last month prior to the books publication! David was fortunate enough to learn the key ingredient of his strategy from a floor trader, who traded on the exchange way back in 1990. After 10's of 1,000's of trades he has fine tuned, mastered & improved the Golden Goose Breakout where returns of 15%, 20%, and even 30%+ in just one month are not unusual at all!

So How Did David Do?

Up 38.2%!

(At the same time the S&P 500 was down over 9.6%!)


Check out David's April 2022 Brokerage Statement

David transferred $29,500 on March 29th into an old TD Ameritrade account that he had with a small $551.29 balance. So, to prove how powerful The Golden Goose Breakout is, even for a small account, David began trading on April 1, 2022 never using more than just $25,000, many trades using much less!

So technically, on $25,000 of working capital, David's real return for April 2022 was 50.21%! Think about this, the S&P 500 was down 9.6% during the same time period! Plus on most days David was out of the market by 11 AM! Check out these snapshots of real trades & David's weekly withdrawals of $2,500 each & every week ( He has raised the withdrawals each week for May to $3,000!). How's making $2,500 to $3,000 a week sound to you? 



Note: These are the actual images of David’s account
taken with his iPhone.


What do you Need to Get Started?

  • A brokerage account with a minimum of $5,000 in capital.
  • You must be approved to trade vertical option spreads. (The Goldedn Goose Breakout Mastery Course covers this in detail!)
  • You must follow this "Rules based" powerful strategy to the "T"! (If you cannot follow a step-by-step trading recipe... THIS IS NOT FOR YOU!)
  • Get The Golden Goose Breakout book and it lays out the foundation and gives you a good overview of how the Golden Goose Breakout works! 
  • After you get real excited about Golden Goose Breakout from reading the book, you may want to Master this incredible income producing system by enrolling in David's Golden Goose Breakout Course!
  • After you complete this life changing course you will be invited to join David's private coaching group & his Daily trade alert service where you will be able to "Look over David's shoulder" & trade his actual trades with him!

So Let's Do This...

Suspend any doubt & skepticism you may have right now, put it aside for just a few minutes & read the book! You will be given all the proof you need! Paper trade the system at first... then start trading just one contract, until you master The Golden Goose Breakout for yourself! You don't have to risk any significant trading capital while you are learning!

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